Thursday, July 4, 2013



If your honest with yourself you will find that we spend a considerable amount of time looking back. At our childhood, our past relationships and jobs, hurtful words spoken and given to others. An old man told me something years ago that I will never forget. "Don't look back unless your going there." None of us can go back,  but there is something I want you to consider. Starting today, until we teach ourselves to look forward, lets begin to live in a way to make this day one that has no regrets. Tell those you love words of affirmations and nurture and give to those who need it. Don't hold back. Stop and smell the roses and practice the "Attitude of Gratitude" daily. Then one day when you find yourself looking back you can nurture that too! A smile will arrive to your face just thinking of a memory of a loved one and special times. When you have that to fall back on it will be impossible to feel down and negative because it is simply not there. Here is the key....... Start now living your life filled with good and create your yesterdays today! 

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